EE Student Information

IT Resources for Students

IT Virtual Office Hours

IT support is available for Students, Faculty, and Staff. Please schedule a time to meet via Zoom.

  • Email to request Zoom information and password; this procedure is to protect the meeting from unauthorized attendees

Network Registration

In order to connect to the wired and wireless networks of the Electrical Engineering buildings (David Packard, Allen/Allen-X, Gates, Spilker), your computer needs to be registered in the network database. To initiate the registration process, please fill out the applicable form via the following links:

Wireless Networks

The following wireless networks are accessible (by building):

  • David Packard: Stanford, Stanford Visitor, eduroam
  • Allen/Allen-X: Stanford, EE-WiFi, Stanford Visitor, eduroam
  • Gates Computer Science: Stanford,
  • Spilker: Stanford, Stanford Visitor, eduroam

Description of Wireless Networks:

  • Stanford: the university-wide wireless network (for Stanford affiliates and sponsored guests)
  • Stanford Visitor: self-registered visitor wireless network (Internet access only)
  • eduroam: inter-institutional secure wireless service for higher education institution affiliates 

EE Buildings Printing (and for those in Gates building)

Go to this link (requires SUNet ID login) to get configuration instructions for network printers in the Packard and Allen-X buildings.

Instructional Labs / Safety

Instructional Computing and IT Support  -- includes instructional cluster and software details

Basic Lab Safety (PDF)

Learning Technologies & Spaces

Poster Printing Service

We now have a FREE full-service poster printing service, for use by EE department affiliates and to students enrolled in EE courses that require a final poster presentation. To use this service you must be listed as a Stanford Electrical Engineering affiliated author on the submitted poster.

General Information - 
  1. To have your poster printed, send your poster in .pdf format to .
  • Please include the dimensions (size) of your poster.
  • Please include the class / conference / event where the poster will be presented.
       2. When your poster is ready you will receive an email telling you where your poster may be picked up.
More Details -
      Posters can be SUBMITTED at any time. Just email them to
      Posters will be PRINTED -
  • weekdays (Monday through Friday) from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific time.
  • on a first-in, first-out basis
      When COMPLETE, the poster owner will receive an email to that effect containing the location where they may pick-up the poster.
      Finished posters will be hung on a wall in a location where they may be picked up at any time.  POSTERS WILL NOT BE DELIVERED.
      During busy periods, no poster will be re-printed until all posters in the queue have been printed once.
      If there are problems (of any type) that prevent a poster from being printed, the person submitting the poster will immediately be notified so they may address the issues.
      All re-submitted posters go to the end of the queue.
      All posters submitted BEFORE the 6:00 PM Pacific time deadline will be printed the same day.
      All posters must be submitted at least three (3) hours before the beginning of the poster session at which they are to be displayed.
      Example: I have a poster session at 4:00 PM; I will need to email my poster by 1:00 PM for it to be printed.

General Systems & Network Support

If general support is needed for computing and networking issues in the EE buildings, send an e-mail to For more specific support/guidance, please contact the following staff (by building):

Stanford IT Services Resources

EE affiliates can get support/guidance on these services provided by Stanford IT university-wide:

 Personal Website Resources

Stanford IT Services now heavily favors Drupal as the primary web platform for new university-related websites. This site uses the Drupal open source Content Management System (CMS). All Stanford affiliates are strongly encouraged to use the Stanford Sites service to support their university work, which installs a Drupal-ready web framework on a university server. Site owners can assign authoring, editing and publishing tasks to anyone they'd like without the need to know any programming languages.

For larger university groups, several Stanford-themed Drupal templates are available from IT services.

For questions about Drupal and its use across campus, please visit and become part of the Stanford Tech Commons.

Other Web & Collaboration Tools

Stanford IT Services provides many useful web-based tools and services to manage documents and online content, in addition to Drupal, including WordPress, document management (Google), forms, survey tools and more.