EE Student Information

Building Health & Safety

When there is a health or life emergency, call the 911 general dispatch (9-911 on your Stanford phone or 911 from another phone).

Complete the safety training courses below

Course             URL                      Notes                              
EHS-3400: Ergonomics-Computer Workstation   For Staff: Navigate to the STARS tab, click on "Search Catalog", and type course code 
EHS-4200: General Safety, Injury Preventionhttps://axess.stanford.eduMANDATORY: Navigate to the STARS tab, click on "Search Catalog", and type course code
EE Basic Lab Safety Training For Students Working in EE Labs

 Once you have completed the MANDATORY safety training above, send an email to Kenny Green (, EE Facility Manager. Please include:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your SUID (the number above your picture on your Stanford ID card)
  • Your EE affiliation (e.g. EE-PhD student)
  • Copy of your certificate of complete for EHS courses


Building Emergency Contacts:

PackardAllen / AllenXGatesSpilker

Kenny Green

(650) 804-2032 (cell)  

Kenny Green

(650) 804-2032 (cell)    

Omar Ochoa

(650) 723-4549 (office)

Marcos Barba 

(650) 226-3196 (cell)

Network Emergency Contacts:

PackardAllen / AllenXGatesSpilker

John DeSilva

(408) 242-5277 (cell)

Thomas Carlson

(650) 725-3645

Joe Little

(650) 438-2097 (cell)

Garrett Funk

(707) 287-2778 (cell)

Evacuation Assembly Points (EAP):

PackardAllen / AllenXGatesSpilker
EAP #104 on Serra Mall sidewalk just past fountain (aka, Jane Stanford Way)EAP #104 on Serra Mall sidewalk just past fountain (aka, Jane Stanford Way)EAP #102-2 on Mudd lawn                    EAP #106 in the center of the Engineering plaza

What To Do In An Emergency:

Type of EmergencyResponse

Health Threatening - Fire, toxic spills, gas leak

  • Pull the fire alarm if alarm is not already sounding;
  • Leave the building immediately;
  • Meet at your assigned Evacuation Assembly Point (EAP);
  • DO NOT re-enter the building until cleared by the Site Commander.
Major Earthquake
  • Take cover; wait for shaking to stop;
  • Leave building & meet at your assigned Evacuation Assembly Point (EAP);
  • DO NOT pull the fire alarm unless there is a health-threatening hazard.
Life-Threatening Medical Emergency (if in doubt, treat as an emergency)
  • Call out for help;
  • Dial 9-911 or 911 immediately (DO NOT hang up until told to do so);
  • DO NOT move the victim unless it is necessary;
  • First Aid - Automated External Defibrillator (AED)/Oxygen units are clearly marked and located in your building.
Non-Health Threatening Emergency(building & facilities)
  • During work hours, call your building's emergency contact (above);
  • After hours, call Work Control at (650) 723-2281.
Electrical Power Outage
  • Emergency backup lights should come on within 15 seconds. Prolonged outages could result in the activation of the EE Hotline: (650) 725-4878.
Odor in the Labs
  • Evacuate if alarm is sounding;
  • Leave immediate area and make sure others leave and close the door;
  • During work hours, notify your building's emergency contact (above). During non-working hours, call EH&S: (650) 725-9999.