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Societal Networks

Katti, Lam, Prabhakar, Rajagopal, Van Roy

Societal networks and urban systems can be improved using mathematical methods for analysis, design and optimization. Systems include transportation, health care, financial, water, waste management and emergency services, and they suffer from two major problems: a severe shortage of resource supply and excessive demand. Key outcomes involve using insights from data generated by these networks to improve the supply and curb demand, and large-scale deployments in cities around the world are a major result. Examples include:

  • Designing "nudge" engines,
  • Personalized recommendation engines,
  • Big data algorithms and systems,
  • Mobile phone-based sensing algorithms.

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Sachin Katti

Sachin Katti Associate Professor

Gates 348 (9030)

More, Bisera Administrator

Gates 340 (9030)

Balaji Prabhakar

Balaji Prabhakar Professor

Pkd 269 (9510)

Marquez, Kara Administrator

Packard 267 (9510)

Benjamin Van Roy

Benjamin Van Roy Professor

Pkd 273 (9510)

Marquez, Kara Administrator

Packard 267 (9510)