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Photonics, Nanoscience and Quantum Technology

Congreve, Fan, Fan, Harris, Hesselink, Horowitz, Kahn, Levin, Miller, Pianetta, Pop, Saraswat, Soh, Solgaard, Vuckovic, Weissman, Wetzstein, Wootters, Zebker

Physics, materials, devices, and systems are investigated using light and electromagnetism generally, for applications including sensing, imaging, communications, computing, energy, biology, medicine, security, and information processing. Scientific work ranges from basic quantum mechanical processes in nanostructures to planetary science, incorporating technologies from nano- and micro-scale fabrication through radio and optical fiber communications to environmental probes. Examples include:

  • Photonics: Devices, systems and applications involving electromagnetic waves and in particular, light. Applications include communicating information, where photonics plays a crucial role, medical instrumentation, imaging, sensing, and (photovoltaic) solar power generation;
  • Nanoscience & Engineering: Physics of nano-photonic structures (where the minimal feature sizes are at the single wavelength or even deep subwavelength scales); controllable fabrication of nanophotonic materials and structures; the applications of such structures in low-energy information processing and communications, high-efficiency energy conversion, sensing, and medicine;
  • Quantum Technologies: Study and employment of quantum mechanical properties of light and matter for applications including secure communications, quantum and classical computing, and sensing. Nanophotonics and nanoscience play crucial roles in building a platform for quantum technologies.

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H. Tom Soh

H. Tom Soh Professor

Pkd 361 (9510)

Bagley, Elizabeth Administrator


Olav Solgaard

Olav Solgaard Professor

Spilker 315 (4088)

Peterman, Yurika Administrator

Spilker 206 (4088)

Jelena Vuckovic

Jelena Vuckovic Professor

Spilker 209 (4088)

Anna Lue Administrator

Packard 367 (4088)

Gordon Wetzstein

Gordon Wetzstein Assistant Professor

Packard 236 (9510)

Lin, Helen Administrator

Packard 217 (9510)

Mary Wootters

Mary Wootters Assistant Professor

Gates 468 (9045)

Nair, Lata Administrator


Howard Zebker

Howard Zebker Professor

Pkd 334 (9515)

Niu, Helen Administrator

Packard 310 (9515)