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Quantum-related Courses in Electrical Engineering

Quantum science and engineering courses at Stanford are available from a number of departments. We have created this list as a starting point for students to research and consider courses that align with their interests in quantum. Conversations with your faculty advisor and peer advisors are tremendously beneficial. EE undergraduate degree progress and peer advisor page and EE graduate degree progress and peer advisor page.

 Course number and name can change. Check Stanford Bulletin ExploreCourses for details.

Course Number: Course Name: Instructor(s)
EE 65Modern Physics for EngineersD. Miller
EE 134Introduction to PhotonicsCongreve
EE 222/223Applied Quantum Mechanics I, IID. Miller
EE 234Photonics Labtba
EE 236CLasersHeinz
EE 243Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devicestba
EE 336NanophotonicsS. Fan
EE340Optical Micro and Nano CavitiesVuckovic
EE222 / MATSCI 201Applied Quantum Mechanics IMiller
EE276 / STATS 376AInformation Theory (including quantum information theory)Tse / Weissman


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