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image of prof Stephen P. Boyd
January 2021
CVXGEN generates customized flight code that enables very high-speed onboard convex optimization
image of prof Nick McKeown
December 2020
His citation reads, “for exceptional contributions to communications and networking sciences and engineering”.
image of profs Wetzstein, Fan, Miller
December 2020
The authors review recent work on optical computing for artificial intelligence applications and discuss its promise and challenges.
image of prof Amin Arbabian
December 2020
The “Photoacoustic Airborne Sonar System” could be installed beneath drones to enable aerial underwater surveys and high-resolution mapping of the deep ocean.
image of Grayson Zulof, PhD and Thaibao Peter Phan, PhD
November 2020
The PhD candidates paper is titled "1 kW, Multi-MHz Wireless Charging for Electric Transportation”, and was a collaborative project between SUPERlab and Fan Lab.
image of prof Kwabena Boahen
November 2020
Listen to Kwabena and a fellow bioengineer in "How to build a super-efficient super-computer”.
image of prof James Zou
November 2020
In a new paper with students Antonio Ginart and Eva Zhang, they describe how algorithms can have serious implications for both companies and consumers.
image of prof. Dorsa Sadigh
November 2020
The combined algorithm (latent action with shared autonomy) was both faster and easier for users to control than the latent action algorithm alone or the standard controller either alone or with shared autonomy.
image of prof. Chelsea Finn
November 2020
2020 marks the inaugural Samsung AI Researcher of the Year awards. The award identifies prominent emerging researchers in the field from around the world and supports their research activities.
image of PhD candidate Pin Pin Tea-makorn
October 2020
Her research involves computational psychology, focusing on using facial recognition systems to study interpersonal relationships.


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