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image of prof. David Miller
February 2021
Podcast: David explains the remarkable potential of using light instead of electricity in computation.
image of our exemplary staff*
February 2021
Five EE staff recognized for their exemplary work.
image of prof Hennessy
February 2021
His citation reads, "for turning computer architecture into a science and designing the processors that power today’s devices”.
image of prof. Kunle Olukotun
February 2021
His citation reads “for contributions to on-chip multiprocessor architectures and advancement to commercial realization”.
image of prof James Zou and PhD Amirata Ghorbani
February 2021
They propose a fair way to quantify how much individual datasets contribute to AI model performance and companies’ bottom lines.
image of Chuan-Zheng Lee, EE PhD candidate
February 2021
They received the Best Paper Award, Selected Areas of Communications at IEEE GLOBECOM 2020
image of prof Shanhui Fan
February 2021
The team's system adjusts frequency as the distance between the charger and the moving object changes.
image of 3 EE faculty: Subhasish Mitra, Mary Wootters, and H.S. Philip Wong
January 2021
New algorithms combine several energy-efficient hybrid chips to create the illusion of one mega–AI chip.
image of prof emeritus Martin E. Hellman
January 2021
His citation reads, "For the invention of asymmetric public-key cryptography and the promulgation of a practical cryptographic key-exchange method.”
image of prof H. Tom Soh
January 2021
In real time, the lab on a chip can continuously sense levels of virtually any protein or molecule in the blood.


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