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E.g., 2022-07
image of prof Dan Boneh
August 2021
He heads the applied cryptography group and co-directs the computer security lab.
image of prof Shanhui Fan and Aaswath Raman
August 2021
Using wavelengths of light, the surrounding air can be cooled without any external power source.
image of Denise Murphy
July 2021
A revered colleague, Denise helped countless grad students, faculty and staff.
image of Chelsea Finn
July 2021
This spring’s fundamentals of computer programming students received feedback from the AI system.
image of prof Dorsa Sadigh
July 2021
She uses simulated environments to teach robots to be better collaborators with people.
image of prof Howard Zebker
June 2021
Algorithms and techniques pioneered by Zebker and his lab will measure and translate data into high-resolution 3D maps of Venus’ outermost layer.
image of prof Abbas El Gamal; ic: John Todd
June 2021
Abbas discusses sources of inspiration, growing up in a dictatorship, and the joy of bringing new applications to market.
image of professor Eric Pop
June 2021
At 5 microns thick, it’s 1/10 the thickness of a human hair.
June 2021
Excellence in teaching, academics, and mentorship
image of Londa Schiebinger and James Zou
June 2021
Stanford faculty discuss sex, gender and race bias in medicine and how these biases could be perpetuated by AI devices.


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