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profs Dan Congreve and Dorsa Sadigh - Sloan Fellowship winners
February 2022
The fellowships honor extraordinary U.S. and Canadian researchers whose creativity, innovation, and research accomplishments make them stand out as the next generation of leaders.
Sebastian Fernandez and Arynn Gallegos
February 2022
SERI (Stanford Engineering Research Introductions) aims to empower underrepresented underclassmen. PhD candidates and SERI directors, Sebastian Fernandez & Arynn Gallegos.
prof Eric Pop
February 2022
The award recognizes his contributions in "Doping and Contacts for Atomically Thin 2D Semiconductors."
prof Dorsa Sadigh
February 2022
She discusses the growing field of human-robot interaction.
prof Kwabena Boahen
February 2022
Kwabena discusses his path to Stanford, and how students can get started on their own journeys.
prof Dan Congreve
January 2022
Learn about nanomaterial research and what he loves about EE.
professor Subhasish Mitra
January 2022
His citation reads, “for sustained contributions to design and test of computing systems in established and emerging technologies.”
professor John Hennessy
January 2022
His citation reads “for contributions to the invention, development, and implementation of reduced instruction set computer (RISC) chips."
prof Krishna Saraswat
January 2022
New solar materials–transition metal dichalcogenides – or TMDs – could usher in ultrathin, lightweight solar panel.
prof Jelena Vučković
January 2022
Her research lab leveraged their quantum optics background to study the quantum properties of the soliton microcomb.


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