EE Student Information

Current Undergraduate Students

Current Undergraduate Students

Thank you for being part of the Stanford Electrical Engineering community! Here you will find links to helpful information during your time as a Stanford undergraduate student.

Electrical Engineering is a very broad major, covering electronics, new devices, and hardware; information systems and signal processing; and integrated systems driven by both hardware and software. EE undergraduates get to build all kinds of very cool, sophisticated systems. They learn about a range of cutting-edge electronics and devices, and they make smart algorithms and signal processing with a broad range of applications.

Current EE Courses

The departmental requirements for a BS degree in EE include a core set of courses required of every Stanford major and a set of specialty areas from which one sequence must be chosen. 

Academic Advising

Need some help along your degree path? Stanford's goal is to help students take full advantage of all that's available as they create their unique paths through their undergraduate career. No one path is right or recommended.

Opportunities & Research 

EE undergraduates have access to research and study abroad experiences that can enhance their top-notch education.

Student Resources

During your time at Stanford, there's no doubt you will be interested in connecting to each other and the world via technology, and you'll want some help as you transition into your career or other next steps. You may also need other kinds of help along the way.

  • For information about network registration, wireless networks, computer clusters, and other IT resources, visit our IT Resources page.
  • For a list of career resources, including a link to the Stanford Career Development Center, visit our Career Resources page.
  • For anything else you might need along the way, visit the Stanford Student Affairs site.

Thinking about Graduate Work?

The coterminal degree program allows Stanford undergraduate students to study for a master's degree while completing their bachelor's degree(s).


COVID-19 has changed almost everything – including how we begin Autumn Quarter. Stanford has created an informative website specifically for new and returning Undergraduates: Re-Approaching Stanford.