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EE Newsletter, Fall 2016

High Five! Hackathon Team

Professor Abbas El Gamal

Happy New Year! Welcome to our Inaugural Newsletter

In the spirit of innovation and change, we are introducing our quarterly email newsletter that highlights our student and faculty work. We cannot include all of our news here, so I invite you to visit the News section of our website. While you are there, you may also want to visit the Events and EE Spotlight sections as well.
We are proud of the hard work and innovations that happen in our department and throughout campus every day. We are pleased to share it with you, our alumni.

Wishing you every success in the new year!

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All EE News at a Glance

ExFab, SPF, and lab64

ExFab (Experimental Fabrication Facility Lab)

allows for rapid prototyping of microscale and nanoscale devices. Open to industry and researchers from engineering, medicine, and basic science. Read More

SPF (System Prototyping Facility)

A new service center for electronic system boards and customized chips opens in Allen. Read More


is a new makerspace in Packard 064. Open 24/7, it welcomes all majors. Read More

Marconi Young Scholar Dinesh Bharadia and professor Sachin Katti

Bharadia (PhD '16) receives Marconi Young Scholar Award

Research by Dinesh Bharadia (PhD '16) disproved a long-held assumption that it is generally not possible for a radio to receive and transmit on the same frequency. Pictured here with his PhD advisor, Sachin Katti.

Read More

Professor Stephen Boyd

Stephen Boyd awarded IEEE's James Mulligan Education Medal; Stanford Gores Award

Recognized as an outstanding educator, Stephen is helping make advanced mathematics topics accessible and interesting to students.

Read More

Professor Jon Fan

Jon Fan awarded Presidential Early Career Award; Packard Fellowship; Sloan Research Fellowship

Jon's research includes subwavelength-scale electromagnetic engineering, plasmonics-enabled optoelectronics, and flexible and stretchable electronic platforms. He is also a lead faculty for the new ExFab.

Read More

More Highlights from 2016

Stanford Electrical Engineering 2016 Highlights

  • Kartik Venkat (PhD '15) won the 2016 Thomas M. Cover Dissertation Award. The title of his thesis is "Relations Between Information and Estimation: A Unified View." Read More
  • Recognized for their outstanding teaching, Tim Anderson (PhD candidate) and Jose Padovani (PhD '16) received 2016 Centennial Teaching Award. Read More
  • 2016 IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal was awarded to Professor Abbas El Gamal. The award's citation reads "for contributions to network multi-user information theory and for wide ranging impact on programmable circuit architectures." Read More
  • Professor Gordon Wetzstein received the National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development Award (CAREER). His award is entitled "CAREER: Optimizing Computational Range and Velocity Imaging." Read More
  • Emeritus Professor Martin E. Hellman and former Sun Microsystems Chief Security Officer Whitfield Diffie, have been named recipients of the 2015 ACM A.M. Turing Award for critical contributions to modern cryptography. Read More

Professor Audrey Bowden

EE Spotlight features Professor Audrey Bowden

Audrey's research is in Biomedical Devices, and Sensors and Systems. Her team recently created a low-cost, portable urinalysis system.
Audrey also received the Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Award in 2016.


 Issue 1, Fall Quarter 2016